ACC "Reprimands" Karl Hess; By "Reprimands" I Mean Praises

The ACC issued a reprimand of Karl Hess tonight.  However, the "reprimand" basically involved the ACC praising Karl Hess' officiating and accusing Corch and Googs of inciting the crowd and excessive demonstrations.  In other words, "Screw you NC State, Chris Corchiani and Tom Gugliotta."

It's time for NC State basketball to fight back.  The Karl Hess incident has pushed many State fans over the edge with respect to their opinion of the ACC and tension is at an all time high. State cannot keep getting pushed around like this, and I know Debbie Yow will not stand for it.  The ACC is never going to stand with us, so the only thing we can do is push them right back.  We cannot accept this "reprimand" and must refuse to let this issue die.

Yow's honoring of the '88-'89 team is a great step in the right direction, as it's a not-so-subtle retort to the events that have transpired over the past 55 hours. 

Unprofessional Egomaniac Karl Hess Tosses NC State Legends from RBC Center

In the ACC's latest showing of disrespect to NC State and its once proud program, lunatic referee Karl Hess threw NC State legends Chris Corchiani and Tom Gugliotta from the RBC Center in the second half of State's loss to Florida State.  Hess had no legal right to toss Corch and Googs, but the RBC Center officials complied with the ejection.  

(By the way, if I were Corch or Googs, the RBC Center and the ACC would be hearing from my lawyer, which is me, but still, they'd be hearing from me.)

There is absolutely no excuse for this childish behavior from a ref.  Neither Hess nor the spineless ACC office would comment on the actions of Hess.  Hess should not be allowed to ref another game this season, perhaps ever.  He had no right to do what he did and needs to answer for it.  The ACC needs to make a statement about this garbage as well, but frankly, they just don't give a damn about anything but their TV deals and when the next Duke-UNC game is.

Pack Trio Selected to McDonald's All-America Team

For the first time in school history, State is bringing in three McDonald's All-Americans in one recruiting class, as Rodney Purvis, Tyler Lewis and TJ Warren were all selected to the prestigious Mickey D's team

Obviously, this is a big deal for State's program in terms of publicity and exposure.   Coach Gottfried and staff are making great strides in improving the perception of the program, and having three incoming players representing the Pack on high school's biggest stage will only help the cause.

State has had two players on the team twice- Sidney Lowe and Derek Whittenburg in 1979 and Chris Corchiani and Rodney Monroe in 1987.  Prior to today's announcement, State was tied for 21st in total  McDonald's All-Americans since 1977 (Link). 

Congratulations to these three players for their personal accomplishments, and for already writing themselves into the NC State history books!

Congratulations is also owed to the NC State coaching staff, who signed this incredible recruiting class despite only being on the job since April 2011.  How is this possible at a program like NC State?  While one has to credit the hard work of Mark Gottfried and his staff, I point you to this post and this post.

The ACC: Then, Now, but Not Much Longer

NC State has played Carolina at least twice every year since 1920, but they say all good things must come to an end.  The ACC released its new scheduling format to be used when Pitt and Syracuse join the league. Most notably, State loses its annual home and home series with Carolina, as Wake Forest is now the Pack's sole partner.

Several words immediately came to mind which I wanted to use to describe my feelings about the ACC's and John Swofford's final nail in the coffin of ACC hoops tradition. None of these words should be typed and posted on my blog.