The Home of the Wolfpack- New Court Design

The new court design at the RBC Center, courtesy of Coach Gottfried's Twitter account:

Coach Gottfried To Parachute Into Carter-Finley

NC State has announced via Twitter that Coach Gottfried is going to parachute into Carter-Finley for the football game this weekend:
@PackMensBball NC State basketball Coach Mark Gottfried will parachute into Carter-Finley for 9/17 Military Appreciation Football Game! #gottfriedjumps
I've never heard of another coach doing something like this, so it is sure to garner some attention nationwide.  This could create some great publicity for the new coach and the program.  Is it basketball season yet?

Why NC State Should Remain in the ACC- A Basketball Perspective

Many NC State fans and bloggers are pointing out why State should bolt to the SEC if the opportunity arises.  Although I am on the fence, I am leaning heavily toward the ACC side.  Therefore, I will give my take why State should remain in the ACC. 

It is common knowledge that State was instrumental in building the ACC and helping the conference become (until reently) the greatest college basketball league.  Of course, that is no reason to remain in the ACC in the future.  However, it does speak to NC State's identity.  State, at its core, is a traditional basketball school with strong, if not unbreakable, ties to its three primary rivals- Carolina, Duke and Wake Forest- against which it has been competing for 100 years.  These rivals, the ACC and the tradition are what make State State.  Removing State from the ACC takes away what it means to be NC State.  Are we ready to drop the Carolina rivalry and replace it with the South Carolina rivalry?  Instead of Duke, do we want Tennessee to be the big game at the RBC Center?  Don't expect UNC and Duke to jump to sign up for any home-and-home basketball series' if State ditches the ACC.  State fans, are you ready for that consequence?  I'm not.

A common reason for wanting to leave is that the ACC is failing and may be the big loser in the next round of conference expansion.  Since I'm a basketball first guy, I have much less concern than others.  I have no problem giving up a couple of football-centric schools and adding some Big East schools such as Louisville, Cincinatti, UConn or even West Virginia.  If the remnants of the ACC and Big East come together and form a tremendous hoops conference, then NC State will be fine.  People are concerned about the league's BCS status, but 1) State has never even knocked on the door of a BCS bowl, 2) If either FSU or Virginia Tech remain in the league, I don't believe the automatic BCS bid will be taken away and, 3) it's questionable how long the BCS will be around anyway.  Finally, the ACC will likely never have the best television deal, but there are very few scenarios that would relegate the ACC to mid-major status.

Most of this NC State to the SEC support seems to be Pack fans trying to get away from Duke and UNC.  We can't beat them so we take our ball and go home.  Is that what NC State is- a bunch of quitters?  Jim Valvano didn't think so.  Instead of worrying about jumping ship, why don't we right the course and fight.

Be true to yourself, NC State.  Stay in the ACC.