Wolfpack vs Tarheels: An Old Rivalry That Needs New Life

The Wolfpack plays the Tarheels tonight in the Battle for China.  Most likely, this is Lowe's last chance for a win over Carolina, barring a meeting in Greensboro in two weeks.  State's season has undoubtedly been a disaster, but beating Carolina at home would give the Pack something to be proud of and at least a small tangible accomplishment to brag about. 

While I would love for this rivalry to be special and meaningful, as it was in the past, it clearly means much more to State than to Carolina.  Twenty years of UNC dominance has really taken the excitement out of this series.  State and Carolina will always be rivals, but the hatred, passion and significance of the game is not going to be restored until the Pack returns to its historical level of success and is once again competitive with North Carolina. 

Duke Crushes Wolfpack; C.J. Leslie Suspended

There's not really much to say about that one.  Duke is good and State isn't.  The problem with NC State is clear and easily explained: the program lacks leadership and direction, and it has been that way since 2006.

C.J. Leslie was suspended for the Duke game, but rumors are flying that he is done at NC State.

On the bright side, assuming everyone comes back next year, Harrow, Brown, Howell, Painter, Wood and Williams will form a solid core of players.  Given proper coaching and leadership, they should be able to beat anyone in the ACC.

So, that's about it.  Have a great Super Sunday!