Notes on the Pack's Win Over ECU

The Pirates played State close for about 15 minutes last night, as the Pack struggled in the half court.  Once the transition game opened up, State dominated.
  • State's defense was solid throughout the night, which was nice to see.  However, Ryan Harrow and Javi Gonzalez both were beat off the dribble a few times.
  • DeShawn Painter played a fantastic game on both ends of the court.
  • Lorenzo Brown was outstanding.  He is incredibly smooth and plays more like a senior than a freshman.  He has great vision and passing abilities.
  • Once Harrow got going, he was a production machine.  I love that he can create so well for others and does not turn the ball over (10 assists, 2 turnovers last night). Harrow not only knows how to pass, but when.
  • C.J. Leslie really struggled and forced things, but just as Leslie did against Tennessee Tech, Richard Howell gave the Pack what it needed at the four.
  • It was a quietly productive night for C.J. Williams, recording 10 points in 15 minutes on 5-5 shooting.  That is exactly what State needs from him- efficient production off the bench.
This Wolfpack team is really fun to watch.  I cannot recall a State team that was this good in transition.

George Mason is up next, and will be a test for the Wolfpack.  Mason is capable of winning their league and has a lot of experienced players.  State better be ready for a battle tonight.